Knitting and Crocheting Projects from 2016

I did a lot of yarn stash-busting in 2016. My grandmother has a harder and harder time with her knitting as she gets older and more forgetful, so in her frustration she gave a bunch of yarn to me. I try to do her credit with my endeavors.

I’ll just share a little info here. If you’re interested in the more info, visit my Ravelry for all extra details! You’ll need a Ravelry account, fyi…

crocheted baby blanket

I’d fallen in love with the Desert Sunrise pattern by Carol Ventura, but I had to try the blanket a few times to get the color sequence right, since I only had a certain number of skeins per color! For the turtles I added an anonymous teal and green bouclé for the shell with the pattern Tessa the Turtle Amigurumi by Deja Jetmir.

This blanket and turtles I made for my dear friend Dizappearingirl, who just had her baby. I hope they are loved to tatters! The yarn I used was a pretty dated cotton yarn from Bernat, in white, light teal, and dark teal (thanks, Grandma), which I figured should be strong enough to hold up to some good washings.

crocheted turtles


These cowls were quick and fun to work up, real “one skein wonders” for some of the beautifully bulky but anonymous yarn Grandma passed along.

I crocheted using Faux Popcorn Cowl and In a Jiffy Cowl by Patons for the first one, but for the red and blue cowl I just worked a bias stitch with the Tunisian hook hand-carved by my grandfather (on the other side).


These fox hoods were perfect for this rich, rusty yarn, and Failynn Fox Cowl by Heidi May took care of all my pattern worries! Technically I followed the same pattern both times, just a slightly different size, but judging by the final appearance, I guess I need to work on consistency in my knitting…Ooops!

I love the dimensionality of the Funnel Cloud Shrug by Betsy Farquhar, so I made two: one in cream, the other in black. They were deceptively easy to knit in the round, and are the first things I’ve ever made with sleeves.

black knit cowl shrug
knit cowl shrug