Improvisations and Surprises

What with Richter money being devoted predominantly to boxes, I’ve taken it upon myself to acquire some smaller supplies out of my own pocket.  Last week I bought some thin cotton gloves, as a buffer between our oils and the lovely textiles.

I knew that I would need to obtain some brushes, for wiping off dirt etc. off of garments, but when I went to Dick Blick (art store in Midwest) all of their large brushes were pretty expensive, or not the right shape, or both.  Once home, I realized that the beautiful Japonesque makeup brushes that Aunt Karen gifted me some years ago were both the perfect variation in size and shape.  I’ve used them for makeup before, so I’m sure they were covered in oil and little human microbes that I don’t want getting on the garments.  Online I found a couple of cleaning “recipes” so I tried two, just to be safe:

1Hanging brushes on buddah. Mix solution of clarifying shampoo and warm water.  Swish brushes around several times, rinse and repeat, hang dry.

2. Mix facial cleanser and warm water. Swish brushes, rinse and repeat, hang dry.

I hung up all my brushes on Buddah!


So the other news this week started when Craig ran into an older gentleman upstairs in CFA.  The man caught Craig and explained that he and his wife were from New Mexico, but his wife’s mother had lived in Abingdon, and they were going through her house, and would Knox like some of her old hats and clothes?  Always on the ball, Craig said yes!


pb030002So Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, this adorable old couple came down, arms full of bags and vintage boxes.  The husband thought they were bothering us, but the wife insisted on going through all the bags, partly to make sure she knew what was there.  It was a good thing for us too, because she was able to remember so much about each piece’s history
! She would say, “oh, these were my baby clothes,” or “oh, these were my brother’s clothes” “this is from when I was in [girl] scouts [in the 40’s!!]” .  I got their names and much of this information down.  From a cataloging perspective, this is amazing information to be able to record, as usually we are having to guess at when exactly a piece was worn.  As the gentleman pointed out as well, it is important to note that these pieces are significant to the community, because this is where they originated.



Some of the pieces had mold, and others had bugs, so I will need to do some extra work with them.  And for now, they are out in the hallway. No way they’re coming near the rest of the collection for now, but soon….



Originally posted on 11/03/10 at my former blog:


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