The Catalog!

I have successfully tamed FileMaker, and using the “photograph catalog” template, I have created a layout that is ready to be filled with all the data one could possibly want on a vintage garment!  So it would be hard to share what this looks like in FileMaker unless you have the program, but here is the Word approximation (Most of the qualifications I gathered from the text Cataloging Cultural Objects):

Example Catalog Entry

Class: Outerwear, Headwear, shoes, undergarment, accessory,

Work Type: Robe, Hat, Coat, Day Dress (refers to a work’s physical form, function, or medium)

Title: Blue Chinese Silk Robe (identifying phrases or names given to a work, descriptive phrases)

Creator : designed by Oscar de la Renta (Spanish, 19??-present)

Unknown American, Italian

Controlled fields

Role: Designer

[link to personal and corporate name authority]:

De la Renta, Oscar

Role: Technical Artist

[link to personal and corporate name authority]:

Jones, Allison

Role: Manufacturer

[link to personal and corporate name authority]:

Vogue Company


Bust: 30 inches

Waist: 25 inches

Weight: 25 lbs

Material and Techniques: silk satin with stencil-dyed pattern, embroidered in gold thread

Extent: overall

Material: silk |Color: blue—dye—gold thread (include the composition of the fibers)

Technique:  satin weaving—stencil-dyed—embroidery (include reference to the finish of the fabric, like satin)

Extent: appliqués

Material: cotton | Color: gold

Mark: (any kind of label)

Source: (information and citation regarding label history)

Facture: (detailing the way in which the work was made, including characteristics of execution, the construction methods used, or the specific applications of techniques)

Physical Description: The dress has a drop waist, with a sash and lace apron front. (description of the appearance of the work expressed in generic terms. Includes the names of any recognizable patterns, motifs, or textures used in the decoration of thework).

Condition and Examination History: (assessment of the overall physical condition, characteristics and completeness of a work) damages, stains

Conservation and Treatment History: (Record the procedures or actions that a work has undergone to repair, conserve or stabilize it)

Style: (named, defined style, historical or artistic period, movement whose characteristics are represented in the work being catalogued)

Date: (date or range of dates associated with the creation, design, production, presentation, performance, construction, or alteration of the work or its components) ca. 1820, late 14th century

Earliest:1375; Latest: 1399

Location: Knox College Historical Garment Collection, CFA, Women’s changing room

Former Locations Display: Purchased in 1970 by Margo Shively from Trashcan Annies, etc.

Related Images [link to Image Records]: 1024

Image Record

Image Number: 1024

View Description: Day dress on model, Analise Cohn, ¾ perspective

View Date: 2010

Related Work [link to work Record]: Yellow Day Dress (title of the work)

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