Berenger and Jean


Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco
Eclectic Full Contact Theatre and Theatre Heist
Directed by Aaron Henrickson
Costume Design: Allison Smith Hahn
Photos courtesy of Austin D. Oie.

No one is more surprised than average-joe Berenger when the first rhinoceros shows up.
As more and more appear, his life is turned upside-down.
Is Berenger being paranoid, or is everyone around him turning into a rhinoceros?
Will he confess his feelings to Daisy before its too late?
Will he be able to resist the call of the herd?

Would it really be so bad to become a rhinoceros?

Pictured below: Andy Blaustein (Berenger), Justin Tsatsa (Jean), Nicola Rinow (Daisy), Chris Fowler (Dudard/Waiter), Anna Donnell (Grocer’s Wife/Mrs. Boeuf), Melissa Reeves (Mrs. Papillon/Ensemble), Joshua Paul Seeger (Old Gentleman/Musician), Michael C. Hyatt (Grocer/Fireman), Jennifer Mickleson (Logician/Old Woman), Elliot Plowman (Botard/Cook), Margo Chervony (Housewife/Ensemble), David Servillo (Proprietor/Old Man)

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