WTRX ~ 1940s Radio Show

“WTRX—You’re on the right track!”


1940’s Radio Show—Moon of Hope Studio
Directed by Kurt Killam
Costume design by Allison Smith
Photos courtesy of Haley Hawkinson

Featuring Karley Bates, Michael Buebe, Rick Heath, Ryan Hickey, Craig Jones, Bob Juraco, Jaimie Kistler, Annmarie Larocca, Alex Lindgren, Phil Lopez, Katy McLuckie, Kelsey Meredith, Kyle Motsinger, Monica Remmes,Will Remmes, Regina Salsman, Jorge Urbina, and Katelynn Yelm.

For this recreation of a studio from a 1940’s radio show I worked to capture the bold confidence and joie de vivre felt in the United States circa 1945, shortly after victory in World War II.  To accent the age of the period suits and dresses that I pulled and altered I layered them over shirts and blouses in muted neutrals.

I maintained a color palette of earth tones punctuated by mature navys, dark greens, and maroons.

Character choices were made based on the personalities that the actors developed using three adjectives from a workshop exercise.


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